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Step-Up or Sit-Down

On Sunday, our pastor Simeon Moultrie, challenged our church family to go from good to great. There are lots of things that we are doing good but in most cases GOOD is not good enough. Like most sermons, Vick and I had an open conversation about how we can become great in all areas of our lives, and I wanted to share with you our top three.

Spiritually: We can’t be good servants… we’ve got to be great! There are people yearning for salvation and dealing with hurt that need us. God doesn’t need part-time warriors. We’ve got to be knowledgeable of His word and live it out loud 24/7.   Vick and I are cranking it up! Although we spend time reading and praying, it requires more and we have graciously accepted the challenge.

Physically: Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. The same body that should abstain from premarital sex should also eat foods that nourish the body. We’ve both struggled with weight. Over the past few months, we’ve both dropped some weight but we have a way to go! Let’s keep it real: The Thomas family loves a good pizza, but we’ve got to do better. We can’t continue tearing down our vessels while praying that God builds them up. Faith without works is dead and we want to live as long as possible!!

Visions: God has blessed us with AMAZING visions. I love our D&W Family. If we see someone rocking a D&W shirt, we get to hugging and carrying on like they are a long, lost relative. We spend lots of time answering emails, praying about posts, but God requires more. We’ve recognized that our television time needs to be minimized. Will we continue to watch tv? ABSOLUTELY! But, we need to ensure that our head is clear to fully fulfill God’s vision for our lives.

Take time to think about the areas where you need to go from good to great. If you stay where you are, you will become complacent. God didn’t create us to be average; He wants us to flourish and maximize our potential. Make a conscious effort to be better and do more! If you don’t continue to step up, the enemy will keep fighting to push you down.


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  1. Latasha
    Latasha says:

    LOVE IT!!! God recently gave me a message simply titled BETTER.. Sometimes we limit God by taking “that will do” attitude, but God is calling us to a place of Better. Better living, better serving, better health, better! Be blessed, just confirms His word.


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