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It took a housewife from Atlanta to coin the phrase, “Who gone check me boo?” This line became so famous because we are a generation who doesn’t like to be “checked”. We march to the beat of our own drums. We don’t like taking orders; we give them. But, what happens when you need to be checked? Oh yeah, that might be considered judging AND we all know that “thou shall not judge”. I’m no biblical scholar, but I am pretty sure that many people are using this scripture to excuse their foolishness. Let me speak for myself- I did.

It was 2003 and I attended a women’s bible study with a super-anointed minister. She was one of those people who you didn’t want to get eye-contact with because you were afraid that she would expose all your dirty secrets. I was living in sin, but I was dealing with a lot of hurt from my relationship. Mrs. Anointed asked did anyone need prayer, and I said, “Yes, please pray for me and my boyfriend.” She quickly responded, “How do you expect God to bless a situation that He didn’t ordain?”

She “checked” me. While I didn’t want to hear it, I needed it. My souled yearned for it. She wasn’t judging me, she gave me Godly correction. Her boldness led to me to rededicate my life back to Christ. She made me realize that we need that accountability in our walk with Christ. You need that person to challenge you to attend bible study, remain abstinent, and align your life with the word of God. If you’re surrounded by a bunch of cheerleaders, you need to join another team. Through correction and discipline comes change. Don’t become bitter… get better!

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  1. Nickey
    Nickey says:

    wow that’s powerful and true we all need that boldness. we need that person who will tell you the bold truth, to may pastor and leaders not being bold. Souls need to be saved. Amen

  2. Ozzie
    Ozzie says:

    I agree, ” Don’t get bitter, get better!” Amen to that… :-)… Only the those in need and/or the spiritual mature understand the difference between accountability and judging.

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    Milan says:

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