Blockbusters vs. Previews

Relationships in today’s society are like movies. Many people are casually having sex (enjoying the previews) without the commitment of marriage. Enjoying the preview often brings instant gratification and excitement, but your spirit is left unfulfilled.

Then you have folks that remain in relationships “just because”.  We’ve all heard it before… “I would rather be with him/her than be alone.”  “It’s not perfect, but it will do.”  These situations remind me of “bootleg” movies.  Yes, you have a movie, but the quality is often poor.   Even if you find a great quality bootleg movie, it can never compare to the real thing!

 The great thing is-God writes our scripts that end in happy endings.  When we try to make our own soundtracks and start premiering previews, our script loses value.  God didn’t intend for us to go straight to Redbox! We all represent His kingdom, so we are featured blockbusters! A movie worth seeing is worth the wait!

 At the right time, your special someone will pay the costs to see the previews and enjoy the movie. Continue to allow God to direct his script that he wrote for your life.

*closes curtains*

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