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Why I Considered Divorce…

5 Things to Know Before You Get Married Today marks our three year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier! It seems like it was just yesterday when we went on our first date to Applebee’s and a movie. I wasn’t a fan of the restaurant, but the conversation and company made up for my hard […]

Blurred Lines | Girlfriend vs. Wife

One of my favorite quotes is, “Know Your Role and Play Your Position”.  In most of our roles in life, we are given a clear description of what to do and what not to do.  I’m held accountable for my job description from Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  If I don’t meet my requirements, I […]

The Other Woman

One of the best things about growing up was watching my parents’ marriage. I know that no relationship is perfect, but watching them interact made me love “love”. From observing their marriage, I NEVER understood how and why people would cheat on their spouses. Since my childhood, God has given me the desire to be […]

Step-Up or Sit-Down

On Sunday, our pastor Simeon Moultrie, challenged our church family to go from good to great. There are lots of things that we are doing good but in most cases GOOD is not good enough. Like most sermons, Vick and I had an open conversation about how we can become great in all areas of […]

The One

Out of all the questions we receive, this definitely ranks in the top 3. Back when I was in college, I dated a guy for over 2 years. We loved each other, and on most occasions things were going “pretty good”. As our relationship progressed, I turned to my mom and asked- “How do I […]

Check Please

It took a housewife from Atlanta to coin the phrase, “Who gone check me boo?” This line became so famous because we are a generation who doesn’t like to be “checked”. We march to the beat of our own drums. We don’t like taking orders; we give them. But, what happens when you need to […]

Blockbusters vs. Previews

Relationships in today’s society are like movies. Many people are casually having sex (enjoying the previews) without the commitment of marriage. Enjoying the preview often brings instant gratification and excitement, but your spirit is left unfulfilled. Then you have folks that remain in relationships “just because”.  We’ve all heard it before… “I would rather be […]

9 Dresses

One of my absolute favorite movies is 27 Dresses. The movie is about a single lady who walked down the aisle 27 times as a bridesmaid, but never as a bride.  She struggles to be a supportive friend while maintaining her sanity, and I truly felt her pain.  On nine occasions, I wore dresses (some […]