Viticus & Kiona Thomas

Viticus and Kiona Thomas birthed the vision of Dating and Waiting, LLC in February 2012.  The seed was planted when Kiona rededicated her life to Christ in 2003.  As she grew in her faith and spiritual walk, God gave her a passion to work with youth and young adults in the areas of abstinence, purity and healthy relationships.  In 2010, she reunited with a long, lost friend, Viticus Thomas.  As their relationship soon flourished, they were married on May 28, 2011.  Their ability to remain abstinent until marriage and similar interests in young adults and promoting healthy relationships prompted them to bring their concept of Dating and Waiting to life.  Since its inception, D&W has reached thousands of followers through social media and their message of purity has been heard throughout countless churches, organizations and schools.  Viticus and Kiona have also been featured on radio stations from across the country and were invited to be guest bloggers for “The 700 Club”.  Their fervor for this ministry is also displayed with their line of trendy Christian apparel and accessories.  They have also developed an abstinence curriculum, workshops and trainings for youth and parents.

As impressive as they are as a team, they are also very accomplished in their individual lives as well.  Kiona has a Masters in Social Work and over seven years of experience in facilitating trainings, outreach and one-on-one mentoring.  She now serves as a coach and relationship strategist and is writing her first book.  Viticus earned a Master of Business Administration and Certificate of Marketing and serves as a full-time recruiter for a University.  He is also a photographer and emcees Christian events.

Vision and Mission                                                                   

Through our vision from God, Dating and Waiting was designed to promote abstinence and encourage youth and young adults in their everyday relationships. Despite your situation, our goal is to ensure that God remains first in our lives, and that we constantly seek His guidance in all that we do.